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Design an Effective Logo for Your Brand

The design of a company’s logo is paramount to establishing brand consistency. Getting this vital component of branding right can often be elusive. We thought it would be helpful to use a tried and true logo and point out the aspects that have made it work for its brand and withstand the test of time.

Let’s take a look at the Goodyear logo design and delve into what has made it an effective logo. The wingfoot symbol has been the logo for the Goodyear brand since 1900. Throughout the company’s history, the wingfoot logo has helped Goodyear become instantly recognizable around the world. Keep reading to learn what has made it so successful:

Keep it Simple. The Goodyear logo is quite straightforward: the wingfoot symbol is deliberately placed in the middle of the words “good” and “year.” That’s it. There aren’t any complicated elements in the logo that distract your eye. The logo also employs an incredibly uncomplicated color design. Most of the time, it is presented in yellow with a blue background. This simple construction is a huge part of what has made this logo work for all these years. It’s easy to read and easy to remember.

Be consistent. Across products and advertising campaigns, the Goodyear logo has undergone minimal variations. From tires to billboards, it has fundamentally been the same. Consistency is vital to getting a brand to be memorable to its audience.

Don’t be too literal. When constructing a brand’s logo, it is important to remember not to be literal. Think of the McDonald’s Golden Arches or Nike’s swoosh. Images of burgers or shoes aren’t found anywhere in these logos. The Logos used by these companies are intended to bring to mind their brands and separate them from the competition. Remember that, with a logo, you are displaying your brand’s identity. In Goodyear’s case, their logo helps them put forth the idea that they are reliable and dependable.

When done right, a logo can help create an emotional connection with its audience. Goodyear is an excellent example of this. What logos are particularly memorable for you? Please share below!

Are you interested in creating a new logo or updating an existing one for your brand? Contact Weise for help.

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