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4 Aids for Your Small Business Marketing Campaigns

Over the past three weeks, we have discussed how different aspects of marketing have the potential to benefit small businesses. Once you’ve implemented marketing efforts, measuring the success of these tactics is equally important. Being able to correlate these initiatives with ROI shows what was effective – and perhaps what wasn’t.

When measuring, it’s important to determine key performance indicators (KPIs) for each effort. What numbers translate to success? On Facebook, are page fans’ “likes” or comments most important? KPIs can be determined based on the goals of each tactic and will ultimately help you correlate marketing dollars spent to ROI.

Here is a list of options that help keep track of and measure the success of your marketing activities in order to more effectively develop your future campaigns and further optimize your company’s communications.

1. Infusionsoft- Created with small businesses in mind, Infusionsoft has the potential to greatly simplify the management of your marketing execution with features that include automated sales and marketing management.

2. Marketo- Marketo offers a variety of services that vary in cost depending on your needs. This tool helps take the guesswork out of determining which aspects of your marketing campaign are most successful and makes interpretation of marketing data and tracking your marketing ROI easier.

3. Kissmetrics- The focus of this tool is the analyzing of website traffic. It allows you to track conversions and determine the sources of traffic to your company’s website. Levels of service range in cost from $200 to $2,000.

4. Google Analytics- This popular data-driven tool features real-time reporting and makes data available to all applicable individuals in your company. Although paid versions exist, the basic version is free.

When it comes to measurement and analysis of marketing efforts, there are plenty of options out there to explore. Experiment and find out which works best for your needs. Is there a measuring tool you use that is absent from this list? Please share below!

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