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How to Connect with Millennials

In last week’s post, we reviewed some of the big ways Millennials are affecting the world in which they live. This week, we look at what this information teaches us about them and how best to make a connection from a marketing perspective.

Overall, it’s about building a relationship to create brand loyalty – marketing needs to be viewed as tools to build the relationship rather than pushing a product or service.

Focus on content marketing. On average, Millennials are connecting to some sort of media 17.8 hours every day. What are they doing? They’re absorbing content. They’re reading blog posts and e-books, watching online videos, checking out websites and interacting through social media. In case you aren’t already, you need to be focusing your energies on content marketing.

Be Authentic. Millennials gravitate toward expertise and value information they feel they can trust. Show them you know what you’re talking about. How-to videos are an excellent way to accomplish this. No one knows your product better than you. Put that information out there in an authentic form that seeks to educate rather than sell.

Make it about them. The Millennial Generation is constantly looking for engaging information. For information to engage them successfully, it has to be relevant. Instead of concentrating on ads touting your product or your company, find a way to make it more about them. Reach out to them on a more personal level. Again, share information to build a relationship with this audience.

Boost your social media presence. Much of Millennials’ time is spent on social media platforms and consuming user-generated content. In fact, 71% of Millennials claim to be on social media on a daily basis. This is an excellent place to find them, get their attention and keep it by establishing meaningful connections.

Millennials number more than a quarter of the U.S. population. If you’re not trying to get their attention, what’s the point? Are you interested in more effectively connecting with Millennials? Get in touch with us here or leave a comment below!

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