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The Relevance of Facebook Ads for Your Business

As we noted in a previous post, 2016 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch, the use of social media ads is expected to become even more popular. Facebook is a particularly useful format in this regard considering that there were 1.09 billion daily Facebook users in March of this year alone. Advertising on Facebook needs to be a priority in your digital marketing strategy. Read further to discover four reasons why the use of Facebook to advertise is the right move for your company.

Targeting. Instead of reaching broad groups of people that may or may not have any interest in your product or service, advertising with Facebook provides you the ability to focus on the right audience for your brand. With Facebook, you can target by location, demographics, consumer behaviors and specific interests and hobbies.

Affordability. Facebook offers a wide variety of pricing options. The ideal choice for you depends on the manner of targeting you are looking for. This approach lets you choose the appropriate package for your budget and specific targeting needs.

Customization. Not only are you able to customize your experience with Facebook ads in terms of who sees your ad and what pricing package is best for you, Facebook ads are also flexible in terms of the design of the ad itself. This means you can include engaging features such as video as well as create an ad that is visually consistent with the rest of your branding.

Exposure. As the statistic at the beginning of this post shows, tons of people are on Facebook. They’re accessing this incredibly popular social media platform through multiple devices at all times of the day. Also, the fact that Facebook integrates ads into its organic content makes them easier to be seen. This makes advertising on Facebook a very visible proposition.

Let’s face it, your target market is out there . . . and they’re on Facebook.

Has the use of Facebook ads helped your business? Please share your story below.

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