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The Importance of Branding

For the month of June, Weise will present a 5-part series on branding. A brand is the sum of the character, personality and reputation of your company as perceived by the public. If you’ve been cautious about setting up a branding strategy for your business or don’t know where to start, be sure to check back over the course of the month and get valuable information designed to aid you in the development of your company’s branding efforts.

To start the month off, this week’s blog explains why branding is so important. Below are four big reasons to take branding seriously.

Awareness. We all know the value of advertising when it comes to getting the attention of your target market. Consistent branding allows you to go a step further. Whether it’s through messaging that contains a recurring theme, a visual logo or even an audio logo or tagline, branding puts your company in people’s minds and plants the seed for them to recall you in the future. Considering that it takes about seven repetitions for a message to be able to be recalled in a person’s mind, this sort of repetition is incredibly valuable.

Trust. Branding helps to create an emotional connection with the consumer. A major step in this direction is the building of trust. After seeing your company being represented time after time in a similar manner across a variety of channels, your audience will steadily become more familiar with your brand. This is fundamental because they will then begin to develop trust in your brand and view you as the definitive name in your industry.

Differentiation. Once you’ve grasped your target market’s attention, firmly stuck your brand in their minds and developed a trusting relationship with them, you will be able to start to pull away from the rest of the field. When the need for the products or services that you offer arises, it will be your company that comes to mind and not your competition. It is in this way that strong, consistent branding does most of the work for you in making it easier for your company to standout.

Clarity. Branding aids your company in keeping to a distinct character in terms of what products and services your business offers and how it is represented. It allows all of your marketing components to remain in a similar vein so that there is little confusion in terms of how the public views your company as well as how your company views itself.

Can you think of other ways branding can be beneficial? Please leave a comment below.

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