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5 Areas High Quality Photography Will Improve Your Marketing

In our previous post we covered why using high quality photography and imagery will improve your marketing. Whether your marketing for a Health Care, Business to Business (B2B), or Tech company high quality imagery is a must have! Let's take a look at the places where you can best utilize this media to accompany your marketing materials and get the best results. These are the five places you should have high quality imagery:

1. Website. The website is our online showcase; it's an opportunity to display our products and services to anyone around the world. Our websites never stop working for us either, running 24/7-365. Having dynamic, high quality imagery is vital for our website. Too often businesses rely on generic stock images and basic photography that doesn't wow. Higher quality imagery correlates to longer site visits by consumers, and higher likelihood of engagement and action.

2. Social Media. Social media is an instrumental tool to compliment with high quality original photography/imagery. Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter (when applicable) should have posts accompanied by high quality imagery to maximize engagement.

3. Paid Media. When we spend money on media, we want the best results we can get. Not only are we spending lots of time creating these campaigns, developing them for our audience, but we are also spending company dollars to get the message exposure. In a world where we are constantly being inundated with advertisements, you need to stand out to catch the viewers attention.

4. Free Media. In conjunction with social media other forms of free media include blogs, press releases, and media alerts. These types of media all benefit from higher amounts of views and increased engagement with their intended audience. The more eyes viewing your content, the greater the likelihood a press release gains traction or a blog gets read.

5. Marketing Collateral. Brochures, flyers, handouts all provide an excellent basis to show off your work. With outstanding photography and images you will have a piece of art that will sell for you well after your consumer walks out the door.

Don't leave anything to chance. Use high quality imagery in your work to truly showcase everything your business has to offer. Although this aspect of your marketing is easy to overlook, it also provides a platform to differentiate yourself from your competition and highlight the quality of your products and services.

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