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Why Print Advertising is Still Effective

In an increasingly digital world, a company might ask itself if print advertising is even worth it anymore. The answer? Of course it is. Here are six reasons why print is still relevant – even in the digital age.

Print carries with it an aura of credibility. With all of its popularity, the Internet does not yet possess the authority and respectability of print. This might be because anyone can make claims on the Internet with little danger of being called out. The general belief is that this is not the case with print. Also, when you open a newspaper or magazine, there is no risk of stumbling upon viruses, spam or annoying pop-ups. Additionally, consider the possibility that there may be some markets out there that reject digital in favor of print.

Print lasts longer. Because print magazines and newspapers are physical entities, they tend to have a better chance of sticking around longer than their digital counterparts. While a digital ad has visibility for a limited period of time, an ad in a print publication might sit around in waiting rooms, offices and houses for weeks, months or even years. When this occurs, it gives the ad more reach because of the extended audience.

Less competition. The fact that agencies are focusing more attention on digital rather than print these days might actually be a benefit for those still using print because the space advertisers are vying for is considerably less crowded. Depending on the interests of your target market, you might also consider utilizing niche magazines to capture the attention of those readers.

Less distraction. Another reason why print has an upper hand on digital is the fact that a person is more apt to be distracted when reading digital content. With the ever-present ability to scroll, along with the option to have multiple tabs open at once, is there any wonder? Needless to say, this isn’t the case with print.

We are not suggesting the abandonment of digital advertising. What we are saying is that the value of print advertising is higher than you might think. Therefore, these two mediums should be used to compliment each other to better optimize your marketing efforts.

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