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Why Your Small Business needs a Website

According to a Nielsen study conducted in 2013, 85% of consumers are searching for local businesses online. This statistic should make it apparent that having an online presence for your company is incredibly important. However, if you still need some convincing, keep reading. Below are four ways having a website can contribute to your business.

Credibility. As the above referenced Nielsen study emphasizes, people are increasingly influenced by online sources when making their buying decisions. As a result, the prevailing trend is to check a company’s website to find out how credible it appears to be. The bottom line is, the absence of any presence online causes a company to be viewed as outdated and even disreputable in the public’s eyes.

Visibility. Going hand in hand with credibility, having a website gives your target market proof that you’re out there and also provides them with information about what you do and what you can do for them. Your company’s website gives you the ability to be found by those searching for your very product or service.

Accessibility. Chances are, your company is not open for business 24 hours a day. Conversely, the Internet never closes. Your website is always out there working for you and waiting for any prospective customers looking for exactly what you offer. Without a website to welcome their inquiries, those potential customers would otherwise be unceremoniously turned away by an indifferent “closed” sign.

Reach. Being a local company doesn’t mean you have to solely depend on local consumers in order to conduct business – not anymore. With a website, you can get your company’s name and product out to prospective customers all across the globe.

Internally, your website should be viewed as another marketing tool at your disposal. Maintaining an online presence adds value to your business for considerably lower cost when compared to other channels you are likely already using.

Are you interested in becoming more accessible to your customers, widening your market and increasing your visibility? Contact Weise here to create an online presence for your company.

Be sure to check back next week as we discuss ways your website can work better for you.

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