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Native Advertising: A Powerful Tool for Your Business

For the month of August, Weise is presenting a 4-part series focusing on various advertising methods and their benefits. In the coming weeks, we will provide information that aims to benefit your company’s endeavors in these areas.

To start the series off, our first post takes a look at native advertising. A native ad is an ad that does not overtly attempt to grab the reader’s attention, but blends in with a publication’s content. Although native ads have been steadily gaining popularity in recent years, they continue to be a largely obscure tool for a lot of advertisers. In the event you are not familiar with this innovative approach, here are three types of native advertising most prevalent today:

Advertorials. Like all native ads, an advertorial fits in with the environment in which it is inserted. The difference is that, at first glance, an advertorial appears to be just another article. Advertorials can be online, in print and video.

In-feed ads. In-feed ads are native ads that show up in your social media news feeds. They come in two ways: sponsored and branded. When an ad is sponsored, it means the publisher created the ad. Branded ads are created by the brand.

Content Recommendations. Content recommendation engine widgets are placed at the end of online articles and contain links to advertorials and additional publishing sites with similar content.

Now that we have more of an understanding of what native ads are, below are two big reasons why this innovative advertising tool is becoming so appealing to advertisers.

Visibility. Simply because they are camouflaged as the content they are surrounded by and have relevance for their target audience, native ads have a 25% better chance of getting viewers’ attentions than a standard banner ad.

The building of trust. When placed in a publication with a trusted reputation, a native ad has the potential to acquire some of that reputation for its brand and build longstanding customer relationships in the process.

As the advertising world delves further into social media and digital marketing, the possibilities for the use of native ads will likely increase. Our hope is that the above information sheds some light on this potentially helpful advertising tool.

Are you interested in jumpstarting your advertising efforts? Weise is here to help! Contact us today.

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