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The Benefits of Pay Per Click

For the final part of our August blog series on advertising methods that could be advantageous to your business, we’ve decided to direct our attention to pay per click. Pay per click, also known as pay-per-click advertising, pay-per-click marketing and simply PPC, is a tool used in online advertising to increase website traffic. With this method, the advertiser only pays the publisher with whom the ad is placed when the ad receives clicks. Pay per click ads generally appear as the first two or three results when searching online. To help you decide whether this might be a viable approach for your company, we’ve provided you with a list of pay per click benefits.

You determine the cost. With pay per click, you actually have the ability to set your budget by choosing a fixed limit. Once this limit is reached, your ad will be taken down. This way, you determine the cost according to your specific needs and financial capabilities.

The capability to target by location. Avoid the wasted effort of advertising to an indifferent audience. Whether your desired reach is on a local basis or more widespread, pay per click gives you the ability to choose who sees your ad. You can limit your ad’s range to a specific state or city as well as date and time. You can also target the exact keywords used in your ads.

Measurable results. Pay per click platforms provide you with metrics that enable you to monitor ROI by helping you keep track of how many views and clicks your ad has received.

Retargeting and remarketing. Retargeting is the process in which your ad is directed toward someone who has displayed an interest in your industry elsewhere online and might be a viable prospect. Remarketing is when your ad is directed toward those who have visited your site. Both procedures are excellent examples of how pay per click helps you follow through and gain conversions.

Are you interested in a pay per click campaign for your company? Contact Weise here and let’s get started!

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