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4 Marketing Misconceptions Debunked

When done effectively, marketing can prove to be a priceless asset for any company. After all, getting the attention of consumers is a vital part of conducting business. Think about it, you might offer the perfect product or service and would still flounder if no one knew it existed. Marketing makes people aware of you and plants the seed for them to recall your company in the future.

Nonetheless, there are still misconceptions that keep many companies from reaping the benefits of a sound marketing plan. We’ve debunked four such misconceptions below to show that marketing is not such an unrealistic enterprise.

Marketing is too expensive. Because of the scope needed to put together a serious effort, marketing can certainly seem like an expensive or overwhelming endeavor. Before you actually look at the cost of utilizing such marketing channels as print, television or digital and explore the options that are available to you, you really don’t know what your financial obligation will be. You might find that your specific marketing needs require less of a financial obligation than you originally thought. Even if that is not the case, the key is to look at marketing as an investment. Like any other investment, if your marketing efforts are organized and strategic, you will likely find that it is well worth the expense.

Marketing takes too long. In reality, seeing a return on your marketing investment will depend on your company’s specific marketing needs. Different strategies and goals require longer periods to see results. Others can deliver results a lot quicker. Not every marketing plan is appropriate for every company. Accordingly, it is important to choose the right marketing strategy that makes sense for you.

Social media is not for us. Social media is very quickly becoming an indispensable tool for building relationships with customers. In fact, social media users are expected to grow worldwide to 2.5 billion by 2018. This statistic shows that social media is proving to be a valuable tool in the marketing world. Remember, when you develop the meaningful connections with your clients that social media allows you to cultivate, you stand a better chance of prospering from their repeat business and the word-of-mouth referrals this creates.

Now is not a good time. Building relationships with customers is paramount when it comes to maintaining a thriving business. Retaining existing clients and drawing in new ones is increasingly important. You can bet your competition is taking every opportunity to engage and attract new clientele. You should be doing the same.

Don’t forget it takes about seven repetitions for your audience to recall a message. This makes it even more imperative that you get the word out about your business for your target audience to see.

If you’re interested in using marketing to bring more awareness to your company in 2017, contact Weise for help.

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