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Avoid These 4 Content Marketing Mistakes

For the month of January, WEISE will be dedicating this blog to the topic of content marketing. We’ll be addressing several content marketing tips from effective channels to ways to repurpose your content. Our goal is to help you develop successful content marketing for your business.

The significance of content marketing is continuing to grow. A recent statistic states that this year, 51% of companies will have an executive officially dedicated to content marketing strategy. However, another study claims that 51% of marketers consider their content marketing to be “only somewhat effective.” With all of this increased importance on content marketing, why is it that so many marketers are having such difficulty getting successful results from their efforts? It’s possible their efforts are being hindered because they’re committing a few easily correctable errors. Below are 4 common content marketing mistakes along with explanations as to why it is so important that you avoid them.

  1. Bad grammar. Whether it’s an e-book, a white paper, a blog post or an infographic, badly written content is a detriment to your brand because it makes you look unprofessional and, if it’s hard enough to read, will drive readers away. If grammar and unprofessional copy is a chronic problem, one tool that might be useful is Hemingway Editor. This helpful app lets you create your content with confidence while avoiding silly grammatical errors and other unnecessary mistakes. It also assists you in making your writing more efficient and to the point by highlighting needlessly convoluted sentences. On a related note, remember that your content marketing efforts deserve the same amount of attention and supervision as all the other pieces of your marketing strategy. For that reason, the personnel you place in control of your content marketing should be chosen carefully. For instance, a summer intern might not be the best choice to operate your social media and basically be the face and mouthpiece of your company.

  2. Too much selling and not enough teaching. Avoid pitching and self-promotion. Instead, focus on addressing your target market’s primary concerns. The goal with content marketing is to engage. That rarely happens when someone is pushing a product or service. Instead of being just another chance to give another sales pitch, effective content marketing gives you the opportunity to reach people on a more personal level and offer valuable information.

  3. Lack of practical content. A major part of content marketing is providing value to your readers as potential customers. The way to accomplish this is by presenting insight about the current state of your industry as well as helping your readers through potential problems in areas your company has expertise. This will build trust in your brand as an authority in your field.

  4. Keyword overload. Although the importance of SEO has not lessened, overloading your content with keywords to earn higher search engine rankings will not help your SEO. In fact, Google will penalize you for the overusing keywords. Instead of overcrowding your content with keywords, intersperse them throughout so that the right audience can find you.

Are you interested in adding content marketing aspects to your current marketing strategy such as a newsletter, blog, infographic or social media? Contact WEISE for help!

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