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5 Time-Saving Tools to Organize Your Content Calendar

Continuing our series on content marketing, the emphasis this week is on helping you improve the efficiency of your content marketing by keeping it organized and current through the use of a content editorial calendar. Below are five content calendar tools that feature a variety of benefits. Each of the following aids has been included to this list because it offers unique support that may be beneficial to you depending on your exact needs.

  1. Content DJ: This editorial calendar tool gives you the ability to organize, schedule and share your content using a variety of social media platforms. It also lets you curate content and track your progress over time. Content DJ offers a free plan with limited features as well as three other plans that range in price from $49 to $1000 a month with a free trial period for each.

  2. Marketing.AI: Marketing.AI allows you to plan, strategize, assign tasks and distribute your content through multiple channels while tracking and measuring your work. Marketing.AI’s automated workflows afford you the capability to separately manage each piece of your content strategy. With Marketing.AI, specific plan features and pricing are tailored to your needs.

  3. Kapost: If your company’s content output is getting out of hand, Kapost might just be the content management tool for you. Starting at $3,500 a month, this comprehensive system supports multiple contributors and includes tracking and analytics.

  4. Trello: One feature that sets Trello apart from the rest is the ease with which it allows you to collaborate with multiple team members. It also lets you customize the creation and organization processes to your preferences. Although Trello’s pricing plans vary according to your company’s needs, there is a free plan option with limited features.

  5. Gather Content: Like the above tools, Gather Content lets you distribute your content through multiple channels. However, it also lets you streamline all of your content creation and distribution activities into one centralized location. Along with a free, 30-day trial, Gather Content offers three different packages that vary in price from $66 to $216 a month and includes all of its main features across all packages.

Is there a content calendar tool that you have found particularly helpful that is not on this list? Please share below.

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