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When is it Time to Advertise?

Are you considering advertising as a realistic option for your business? Are you wondering if there are right and wrong times to advertise? You’re not alone. We are regularly approached by prospective clients that are uncertain about when to advertise. In the event you are in a similar state of indecision, we’ve come up with some key indicators for you to use in order to gauge your specific situation and determine for yourself if this is the time for you to advertise.

Reasons to advertise:

Awareness. Whether you’re just getting your business started or launching a new product or service, an advertising campaign dedicated to informing your target market about what you have to offer is an excellent way to get the word out. Don’t forget it takes about seven repetitions for a message to be able to be recalled by your audience. This makes it even more imperative that you plant the seed now.

The competition. If your target market is being inundated with your competition’s messaging, it’s going to be somewhat difficult to persuade them to give you a chance when they may be on the verge of forgetting you even exist! Advertising gives you the opportunity to distinguish your business from your competition. After getting the attention of your target market, you can proceed to prove why your product or service is the best choice.

The Holidays. Depending on what your company offers, the holidays can be an extraordinarily opportune time to remind your public that you’re here and ready to do business.

Reasons not to advertise:

Funds are scarce. Because of the investment needed to put together a serious effort, advertising can certainly seem like an expensive or overwhelming endeavor. The blunt truth is that the inability to produce quality messaging might be reason enough to hold off until you’re able to really do it right.

The off-season. If yours is a seasonal industry, the off-season may not be the best occasion to advertise. Instead, concentrate on developing seasonal messaging that really grabs your target market’s attention when the time is right.

Is it time for you to start advertising? Contact WEISE today.

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