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Brand Differentiation in 5 Easy Steps

Branding is very much about making an emotional connection with your audience in order to develop lasting relationships. Grasping your target market’s attention and developing a trusting relationship with them will help separate your brand from the rest of the pack. Below are five easy ways to differentiate your brand from the competition.​

1. Brand Consistency. Consistency in your messaging is a huge key in differentiating your brand. The point is to use a consistent tone across all channels in order to allow your target audience to become familiar and comfortable with you. It is in this way that strong, consistent branding does most of the work for you in making it easier for your company to stand out.

2. Customer Experience. Providing a quality experience will add value to your product or service in the minds of your customers. This can be achieved through a number of ways that include offering exceptional products, excellent customer service, operational superiority and convenient locations.

3. Find a Niche. Another effective way to differentiate your brand is to focus on a specific group within your target market. Thought leadership as well as messaging intended to appeal to such a group has the potential to form a customer base that is loyal to your brand.

4. Progressive Pricing. Offering a competitive pricing model will go a long way to getting you target market’s attention. Depending on your specific situation, there are a few different methods from which you might choose. These include lower product prices, premium pricing (the intention here would be to catch the attention of those willing to pay more for a higher quality product) and an exclusive pricing structure that caters to your clientele’s unique needs.

5. A Memorable Logo. Logos are an integral part of the brand experience. As such, it is crucial for your logo to be unique, identifiable and memorable. The design of a company’s logo is crucial to creating an emotional connection with its audience and setting the brand apart.

Be sure to stop by next week for examples of brands that are successfully differentiating themselves from their competition.

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