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Brand Differentiation: The Shortlist

Last week, we pointed out some of the most effective ways to differentiate your brand. These methods include concentrating on such marketing aspects as brand consistency, customer experience, finding a niche within your target market and offering distinctive pricing. In order to provide you with a clear understanding of these approaches, we’ve chosen brands that we believe are stellar examples of each.

Brand Consistency. From original logo design to unique messaging, these brands stand out from their competition by efficiently conveying their respective personalities to a distinguishing degree.

Customer Experience. As we stated last week, providing a quality experience and adding value to your product or service in the minds of your customers can be achieved through four major ways: exceptional products, excellent customer service, operational superiority and convenient locations. The following brands are outstanding examples of these.

Southwest Airlines (customer service)

Subaru (product)

Zappos (customer service)

Amazon (customer service/operational superiority)

Crocs (product)

Redbox (operational superiority/convenient locations)

Find a Niche. The key here is that these brands are not trying to conquer the world. They purely appeal to specific niches within their target markets and concentrate their messaging to that group. As a result, they have become robust lifestyle brands with cult-like followings.

Progressive Pricing. The following brands differentiate themselves through pricing. Some accomplish this by offering comparatively lower prices than their competition. Others catch the attention of their target markets through premium pricing that connotes higher quality and elite status.

Rolex (premium prices)

Chanel (premium prices)

Land Rover (premium prices)

Ikea (lower prices)

Kia (lower prices)

Differentiation is the key to separating your brand from the rest of the pack. Click here to discover how WEISE can make this happen for you.

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