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4 Major Benefits of Using Original Photography

Too often, businesses rely on generic stock images and basic photography as the face of their brand. The inevitable result is that these images fail to stand out from the competition. Although this aspect of your marketing is easy to overlook, original photography provides a platform to differentiate yourself from your competition and highlight the quality of your products and services. Review the following benefits to gain a better understanding of how you’d be missing out by not taking advantage of original photography to represent your brand.

  1. Originality. When you use original photography instead of the same old stock photography, the photo featured in your ad will not show up in someone else’s ad. Because of the limited quality of stock photo supply, many photos are sold multiple times and regularly show up in other ads. These incidences can even occur within the same publication. Utilizing original photography means your brand’s imagery will be yours alone and won’t be working double duty for another company.

  2. Conceptual unity. An ad has the potential to be stronger and more memorable when there is a connection between the image and the ad’s message. This connection is what allows the image to speak directly to the idea of your ad. With original photography, you have the power to solidify this connection by customizing the image to your exact message.

  3. Branding. Using stock images to sell your product or service only dilutes your company’s brand. Creating original photos for your company strengthens and reinforces your brand through intentional imagery instead of imagery that is left over and generic.

  4. Credibility. Employing original photography gives you the opportunity to show local scenery that is recognizable and familiar to your target audience. This carries with it the potential for your brand to stand out as being more believable and authentic.

When it comes to choosing imagery meant to characterize your brand, it is best not to leave anything to chance. Click here to learn how WEISE uses high quality imagery to truly showcase everything a business has to offer.

For a free review of your company's imagery as well as a conversation about how WEISE can create a library of original photos for you, contact Jay Weise.

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