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Colorado Branding Recap

We’ve been spending the month of May featuring the efforts of local companies as well as those headquartered in either the Denver area or the state of Colorado in our series covering different topics related to branding.

Below are the main points from each post from the last three weeks. For your convenience, we’ve included links to all of the original posts.

Below are four colors that have proven to make an impact with consumers. In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of these colors, we’ve pointed out local companies that have successfully employed them as examples of brands that use colors to accentuate their message.

Red: This is the most eye-catching color because it has the longest wavelength on the spectrum. It is also the color that most represents warmth, passion and energy.

Red Robin

Green: Green stands for stability, hope, spring and nature.

Yellow: Yellow catches the eye because it has the third longest wavelength on the color spectrum. It is also a symbol of optimism and energy.

Black: This classic color tends to represent sophistication and confidence.

Crocs. The main lesson to take away from the Crocs brand is the importance of maintaining clarity in branding. When kept uncomplicated, branding aids your company in keeping to a distinct character so that there is little confusion in terms of how your target market views your company.

Chipotle. Chipotle’s example demonstrates that, when a crisis occurs, a swift and confident statement filled with unambiguous language would do better to keep a situation from escalating and spinning out of control.

New Belgium Brewing. This Colorado brand effectively demonstrates the ability that a well-crafted logo has to set the brand apart in a distinct and memorable way.

WhiskerCloud. WhiskerCloud’s logo employs a clear and simple visual layout coupled with uncomplicated color design.

Looplist. The Looplist logo stands out by means of a visual trick that really catches the eye.

Fiction Beer Company. This playful logo uses the look of a hand-drawn illustration to give it a unique, inviting character.

Aventeer. Aventeer’s subtle approach compliments the overall appearance of the company’s name without simply being a lackluster reproduction. Inc. This clever logo expertly leaves much to the viewer’s imagination.

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