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10 Companies that are Adapting to the Millennial Way of Life

For the month of April, we have been exploring the best methods to use in order to reach Millennials. Here are 10 shining examples of companies that are using innovative techniques to attract this incredibly desirable generation.

1. Starbucks – Because the Millennial Generation is always on the move, Starbucks provides an app that allows their customers to order ahead of time and avoid long waits.

2. Mac Cosmetics – Millennials want expertise they can trust. Mac Cosmetics gives it to them via their YouTube page that is filled with expert-provided how-to’s.

3. Pinterest – Pinterest taps into Millennials’ love of online browsing and gives them an outlet of personal expression by letting them create wish lists instead of actually making purchases.

4. Venmo – Millennials are notorious for not carrying a lot of cash. Venmo gives them the convenience they crave without the worry by allowing them to safely access their debit and credit accounts from wherever.

5. Spotify – This app lets users explore new music, create playlists and share their lists with friends.

6. Rent the Runway – With Rent the Runway, Millennials can rent all the new fashions instead of purchasing them!

7. Seamless – When life gets too fast-paced to plan for meals, Seamless allows customers to order food from their favorite restaurants and have it delivered.

8. Airbnb – Millennials see renting as being more convenient than owning. With Airbnb, they can rent and share lodgings for travel all over the world. This is perfect for Millennials because they value experiences over ownership.

9. Uber – Uber is a service with which Millennials can use their mobile devices to call and pay for a convenient ride.

10. Snapchat – Snapchat keeps Millennials connected with friends and family by allowing them to share moments of their day-to-day lives through pictures and short videos.

These companies and brands have tapped into the mentality of the Millennial Generation and can be ample sources of inspiration for developing your future strategies.

Do you need help getting the attention of Millennials? Contact us here or leave a comment below!

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