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6 Reasons a WEISE Navigator Session is Right for You

The WEISE Navigator is a comprehensive session in which we work with a company’s key personnel to create the brand strategy that is best for them.

Is a Navigator session the right move for your company at this time? To help you find that out, here is a list of reasons a company would need to reevaluate its current branding:

  1. Your brand’s personality is too vague. What values do you want your company to embody? How do you want to be perceived by your target market? What kind of experience do you want to give your customers? For your target market to come to trust and rely on your brand, it must be relatable. Answering questions like these will help you create a strong, identifiable personality for your brand.

  2. Your brand is lacking a consistent design. Like the words you use, the way your brand looks should carry the same tone with which you want your company to be associated. Together, we will select the colors and images that will effectively represent your brand across all marketing channels.

  3. A tarnished reputation. Is the slightest mention or sight of your brand starting to carry with it some unflattering or negative connotations? This is a key indication that it’s time to initiate some changes.

  4. Dated Branding. Refreshing a brand to reflect a more current feel is a common incentive to revisit the name, logo and design standards. After all, to be attractive to consumers in general, a brand needs to continue to come across as contemporary and relevant.

  5. Your scope of offerings has expanded. Does your brand point toward a product or service that has become a much smaller aspect of your business? During the Navigator, we will examine all aspects of your branding to make sure it is current with your company’s present identity.

  6. Changes in the market. If a company is around long enough, it’s possible it might be faced with market changes that require a reinvention and repositioning. If this occurs, a corresponding shift in branding would also be necessary.

Is your company facing any of these issues? Click here to schedule a WEISE Navigator session to develop a comprehensive strategy for your brand.

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