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Top 10 Sound Logos

It is well known that sounds and music are astonishingly effective at stimulating the part of the human brain related to memory. Naturally, music is used in advertising for that very reason. Sonic branding is a branding tool that is becoming increasingly popular in the marketing world. Like all characteristics of branding, the sonic aspect of a brand seeks to create awareness while differentiating the brand from its competitors by reflecting the brand’s distinct character and personality. The chief component of sonic branding is the sound logo (also called audio logo or sonic logo). We’ve compiled a list of what we think are the most indelible sound logos of all time.

  1. McDonald’s – Any list of this kind would be pretty lackluster if it did not include these classic five notes that usually inspire the listener to instantly reply with “I’m lovin’ it.”

  2. NBC – Simply known as “the NBC chimes” and first airing in 1929, this is the one that started it all.

  3. THX – What’s a movie without the intense crescendo of THX’s “Deep Note” to get things underway?

  4. ESPN – Music to the ears of sports fans everywhere.

  5. Coca-Cola – In use since 2006, these five notes have usually been utilized in a subtler fashion than the others on this list. Listen close. It’s there.

  6. United Airlines – Like the sound logos of McDonald’s and NBC, United’s use of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue is downright iconic.

  7. Xbox 360 – There’s no doubt this logo is known to gamers the world over.

  8. Intel – Over the years, this audio logo has become synonymous with technology.

  9. AT&T – Despite who made your phone, if you’re on an AT&T plan, you’ve likely heard this logo.

  10. 20th Century Fox – Written by Alfred Newman – one of Hollywood's great film composers – in 1933, the 20th Century Fox fanfare goes hand in hand with the brand.

Are there other sound logos that come to mind that aren’t on this list? Please share!

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