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The Best Content Marketing Channels to Boost Your Business

Last week, we discussed some common content marketing mistakes to stay away from in order to give your content an optimal chance to gain an audience and perform the best for your business. Continuing January’s content marketing theme, this week’s post centers on the channels you should be using to distribute your content.

In our first post in this series, we referenced a recent statistic that stated that 51% of marketers consider their content marketing to be “only somewhat effective.” Apart from the content marketing mistakes we made mention of in last week’s post, another reason for this lack of effectiveness could be that they are distributing their content through the wrong channels. Remember that not all channels are necessarily ideal for all kinds of content or even all industries.

The channels you choose to distribute your content need to work for your particular content marketing strategy. This is why we’ve listed four of the most popular channels along with reasons why they are so effective in order to help you determine whether these channels are the ideal avenues for you to get your content out to the right audience.

Blogging. HubSpot reports that business blogs can increase the number of links to your website by 97% and improve your leads by 67%. When done right, adding a blog to your company website can bring tremendous value to your business.

Video. In recent years, video has become immensely popular and is only expected to grow as the visual content marketing avenue of choice because it gets people’s attention and is super engaging. A recent survey of 350 B2B marketing professionals reports that 73% of respondents say video has proven to be effective in terms of ROI. It is also important to note that Google prefers video as one of the best sources of quality content.

Social media. SocialTimes reports that 28% of all online activity is dedicated to social networks. When distributing your content out to a wider audience, social media is certainly a tool that should not be overlooked. Some of the more popular social media platforms in use today are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. After locating exactly where members of your target market are spending their time, really delve into those specific platforms.

Email. Like social media, email marketing has the potential to build brand loyalty and develop strong relationships with your customers. Ideal content for distribution through email include newsletters, blogs, press releases and infographics.

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