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Keeping You In The Game

The Medical Center of Aurora

The Keeping you in the Game campaign was developed to drive participants at local indoor sports facilities to nearby HealthONE emergency rooms in the event of injury. Each creative piece was developed for specific location-based messaging to the target audience and original photography was used to enhance this messaging.


To increase patient acquisition in the emergency room at The Medical Center of Aurora’s satellite campus, Centennial Medical Plaza. Specifically directed at patients with sports-related injuries.


The headline “Keeping You in the Game” appealed to athletes across ages and disciplines since no one wants to be sidelined by an injury. Rather than speaking to great care or nearby location common among ER campaigns, this messaging spoke to the goal of staying healthy and remaining active. This concept also allowed us to expand into other activities for newspaper ads, using spin-off headlines such as “Keeping You on the Trail” or “Keeping You on the Court.”


15% Increase in ER patient volume within the calendar year.


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