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How Design Strengthens Your brand

Design is a vital aspect when creating, maintaining, and growing a brand. From your logo all the way down to your business cards, strong/good/clean design provides a suite of benefits that will help your business grow in any industry.

Brand consistency. Probably the single most important aspect of design for any business is consistency. Starting with your logo, company colors, website, in-store signage, collateral, all aspects should work together in unison. One way to do this is with branding guidelines. Branding guidelines assert rules, which decide how your company will look and establish how and where your logo will appear. They also determine which colors go with which, and assure that whatever marketing you are putting out into the world, they will be furthering your brand image.

Establish credibility. Good design establishes credibility with your audience. Cleaner, more attractive design makes your business appear more professional. Consumers are always more likely to trust information coming from more professional and established individuals or companies, and that means they are more willing to listen and digest your message.

Leave lasting impressions. Good design will easily relay to your audience what the company does. Certain colors and images are associated with different industries and products. Better design will leave a lasting impression on your consumer, meaning they will remember your name. This will give your brand more weight when consumers are examining your goods and weighing them in their decision making process.

Stand out against competitors. For most technological companies, good design is a staple of the industry. Working in the health care industry, and with many B2B companies, we have noticed many of our clients’ competitors suffer from bad design. Outdated websites, a sloppy logo, poor marketing collateral are some of the more common aspects of their issues and lucky for our clients they have taken advantage of their losses. Good design will help you stand out in your industry, and your business will be the better for it.

Good design can elevate your brand and take it the next level by ensuring that you relay brand consistency, establish credibility, leave a lasting impression, and help you stand out amongst competitors.

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